My specialist area
I am a specialist in leadership development and leadership coach development. The leadership development that I promote is achieved through individual and team coaching, facilitation, and designing and leading leadership seminars, workshops and programmes. Much of my work with leaders and their teams whether 1:1 coaching, team coaching, or leading a seminar, workshop or programme, focuses on both inner leadership; presence (an inner resourceful state), choice (creativity), and action (aliveness); and outer leadership, that is, vision (including mission, strategy, goals and tactics), execution, influence, relationship and well-being.

I offer two types of leadership coach development. The first type I offer provides coach training for leaders, managers and professionals, who want to develop the capability to lead using a coaching approach, but don’t want to become a professional coach. The second type I offer provides coaching supervision for new or established coaches, including internal coaches that work within organisations.

My approach
Much of my leadership development and leadership coach development work is done through the co-creation of a coaching conversation, which often goes beyond tools and techniques, although these are used if required. Presence, listening and asking powerful questions are key to my approach, challenging assumptions and eliciting from a client the insights they need to get themselves “unblocked”, and then create the structures they need to organise their thinking, which is then translated into practical steps for action. These actions are then transferred and embedded by the client into their area of work, and the impact of these - the return on investment - is estimated. This approach can provide the potential for remarkable returns on investment.

Returns on investment
First, following a leadership development programme, a shift in the behaviour of one client from aggressive to assertive led to greater staff retention, which led to an earlier product launch, which led to additional sales worth millions of pounds sterling.

Second, as part of a series of executive coaching sessions, the development of the delegation behaviour of one client led to them having twenty percent more time that they used to create a new business stream with potential sales of nine million pounds sterling.

Third, following an advanced leadership seminar, developing presence allowed one client to hold steady, remain purposeful, engaged, solution-focused and compassionate to lead his team through a difficult organisational change programme.

Other assignments
These are just three examples, other assignments have included working with clients to develop and transform: visioning, developing strategic thinking, developing systemic thinking, leading strategic change, building teams, leading teams, and influencing teams, project execution, personal impact, personal influence, developing relationship, and work/life balance.

Brief biography
I have twenty-two years experience gained in both senior strategic and operational functional leadership and management, as well as senior international project leadership and management through working in small, medium and large multinational, simple and complex, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical service companies. This experience was largely in the development of new medicines and embraced working as a specialist, leading and managing project teams, functional teams and functional groups in clinical research, biometrics, data management, medical writing, business research and business development. During this time (1978 to 2000) I co-authored thirty publications including refereed papers, book chapters, abstracts, and book reviews. For the last four years of these twenty-two years, I moved into an insourcing business – a role that was leading and managing a significant part of the company’s business, which embraced strategic, operational, financial, business development and people accountabilities.

From January 2000 I have led my own leading and developing leadership development, executive coaching and coach supervision company (
agcl). I am also an Associate Lecturer in both Psychology and Psychometrics with the Open University.


Experiences that have shaped my practise
Influences that have shaped my practise have come from many sources including the disciplines of coaching (NLP coaching, Time To Think coaching, transpersonal coaching, inner game coaching, coaching constellations, Gestalt, co-active coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, solutions focused coaching, systemic coaching, and leadership coaching), psychology, systems thinking and practice, philosophy, adult education, learning and development, Type (Psychological Type and the Enneagram), hypnotherapy, transactional analysis, symbolic modelling, focusing, energy psychology, psychotherapy, leadership and business. Also from the study of Buddhism, Taoism, Quakerism and the martial arts of Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Aido, and Tai Chi. Other influences have come from my experiences working both in industry and in consultancy, and through my privilege of working with many clients.

During my career in industry and insourcing, my knowledge, experience and presence as a leader and manager was used to inspire and lead individuals to work together as members of functional, matrix or dispersed international teams. It was the utilisation through coaching and facilitation of the human potential within these teams that enabled us to shape and execute strategic and operational initiatives that were often completed ahead of time, well within budget, and always met or exceeded quality standards. This often meant shaping a vision and making things happen through being fully aware of business priorities and systems in which the teams were required to operate. Using this wider awareness enabled teams to think outside of the boundaries of a problem situation and move to agreed action quickly.

In my present role, I have many years experience facilitating (over 2000 hours) and coaching leaders (over 2000 hours) to find ways forward to problem situations in “real time” – shaping and executing solutions, influencing and building relationships, and developing leadership presence and well-being whilst doing so.

Clients have included . . .
In the public sector I have worked with all levels of the Senior Civil Service up to and including Permanent Secretary of State. Organisations include: Department for Work and Pensions, Home Office, HM Customs and Excise, Department for International Development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Justice, Office of Criminal Justice Reform, National Probation Directorate, Sport England, Commonwealth Secretariat, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Open University, EMBL, and The Sandon School.

In the private sector I have worked with all levels of executive up to and including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Project Managers and Specialists, and as many clients have been members of global companies, many have been based in mainland Europe, North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, Asia and Australasia. These executives have come from many different sectors and organisations which have included: Coca Cola, Centrica, British Gas, Atkins, Amlin, Invesco, Barclays, Barclaycard, Allianz Cornhill, NM Rothschild, Morgan Stanley, Infineum, British Gypsum, Saint Gobain, Elements Chromium, Forum Products, The Gucci Group, Google, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly, Sanofi Avensis, Stiefel, Bayer, Napp Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, MedImmune, Britannia Pharmaceuticals, Solvay, Merck Sharp and Dohme, CroMedica, Covance, British Telecom, Siemens, Seven Trent Laboratories, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hyde Group, ASK Europe, Ascentia, Marlin, The Learning Partnership, Potencium, PPD Consulting, SHL, PCL, The Holden Partnership, top banana, and WOW Consulting.

Qualifications that support my practise
BSc(Hons) in Psychology
MSc in Applied Psychology
MSc in Medical Statistics
Diploma in Systems Thinking and Practice
Certified Coaching Psychologist
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Time To Think Coach
Accredited Coach Supervisor
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified LAB Practitioner
Diploma in Performance Coaching
Diploma in Coaching Supervision
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education
East Anglian Advisory Council Stage I and Stage II Certificate in
Adult Education
BPS Level A and Full Level B Statements of Competence in
Occupational Testing

Professional Memberships that support my practise
Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, and Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society
Founder Member, Special Group in Coaching Psychology
Full Accreditation, Society for Coaching Psychology
Full Accreditation, Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision
Full Accreditation, Association for Coaching
Full Accreditation, Coaching Supervision Academy
Member, Association of Coaching Supervisor’s

Principal Member, Association of Business Psychologists
Member, Professional Guild of NLP
Professional and Coach Member of ANLP
Member, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
Member, Association for Project Management
Fellow, Higher Education Academy

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